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Babar Dawood leads Dubai fabricating and installing residential and commercial aluminium pergolas for 13 years specializing in customizable shaded structures designed in-house matching client preferences and engineered to withstand all weather conditions while remaining rust-free for decades with our expert mounting or freestanding installation.

Upgrade Outdoor Living Spaces with Custom Aluminium Pergola Shades in Dubai

Aluminium pergolas are permanent outdoor covered structures held up by mounted or freestanding columns that effectively expand living areas. As leading regional installers for over 13 years, Babar Dawood creates made-to-order aluminium pergolas that enhance the usability of spaces like patios, gardens, entranceways and poolsides at establishments across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Our experienced in-house teams handle end-to-end pergola projects from site measurements and 3D structural design planning considering angles along with wind and sunlight orientation to fabricate the most durable, resilient structures. We rely on computerized fabrication for precision cutting and welding of weatherproof powder-coated aluminium paired with shade sail cloth, adjustable louvers, LED mood lighting etc. Our skilled technicians ensure easy DIY-free installation via securing mounting plates or through portable freestanding pergola techniques aligned with existing surroundings and drainage. With deep expertise delivering thousands of local installations spanning retractable aluminium pergolas to covered car parks, Babar Dawood guarantees long-term quality matching international safety standards.

Premium Aluminium Pergolas in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah - Varieties We Expertly Craft & Install

With decades of regional expertise fabricating and fitting aluminium shade structures, Babar Dawood offers fully customized pergola solutions tailored to any outdoor space need:

Retractable aluminium pergolas utilize modular louvered blades that can manually or automatically be expanded outward for maximum overhead shade or tucked completely out of sight as needed. Control mechanisms include simple wall-mounted control panels, handheld remote controls or even home automation voice commands for personalized comfort. With programmable rotation angles, these pergolas serve as adjustable weather protection solutions for contemporary spaces.

Fixed roof pergolas constructed from aluminium frames and rafters with hardy polycarbonate sheets offer permanent weather protection for outdoor space usage. The translucent sheets block heat and UV radiation allowing filtered daylight underneath. These sturdy pergolas available in matte or corrugated finishes can be installed as freestanding or mounted structures.

Our lightest pergolas utilize structural hollow aluminium tubes as the roofing framework overlaid by durable outdoor shade fabric. The floating fabric aesthetics lend visual lightness and height. Aluminium tube pergolas serve as very affordable weather protection solutions, keeping maintenance needs low over decades.

Exceptionally rigid roof pergolas using solid ‘sandwich’ panels with inner FR-EPS foam insulation sandwiched between two aluminium plates for weatherproofing, sound dampening and cooling efficiency.

Powder coated aluminium pergolas with a faux grained wooden texture finish to blend the look of wood with the strength and longevity of commercial grade aluminium.

Stationary or rolling poolside pergola wagon designs allowing adjustable placement of overhead shade anywhere around pool structures with fully waterproofed aluminium.

Our experienced designers also craft pergolas in specialized shapes like L-shaped, U-shaped and T-shaped models optimizing available footprint space. With precision manufacturing and installation capabilities for residential and commercial clients across the UAE, Babar Dawood guarantees durable, architecturally elegant aluminium pergola creations worth investing in.

Aluminium Pergola Installation, Maintenance & Component Replacements Services in Dubai and Nearby areas

With 30+ years of collective expertise, Babar Dawood offers specialised end-to-end aluminium pergola services spanning design conceptualisation to flawless execution. Our full-service offerings include:

Our in-house team relies on advanced German machinery to cut, weld, finish and powder coat architectural grade aluminium to craft pergolas capable of withstanding decades of exposure to harsh UAE climate while retaining structural integrity.

Whether you seek mounted or freestanding pergola installation, our uniformed technicians follow stringent protocols to actualize on-site perfection aligned with prior 3D visualisation plans through neat structural integration with existing spaces using secured anchoring and plates.

We help extend the service life of your aluminium pergolas in the UAE through periodic maintenance checks while recommending upgrades, component replacement, design modifications and customization improvements keeping long term functionality, safety standards and aesthetics ever-appealing.

For specialized aluminium pergola solutions built to serve generations relying on quality manufacturing and seamless installation, Babar Dawood is the number one choice in Dubai and broader UAE.

Cost Considerations for Investing in Custom Aluminium Pergolas

Babar Dawood offers precision-engineered aluminium pergolas at very reasonable pricing in Dubai considering the decades of reliable weather protection and outdoor living space enhancement they provide. Broadly our pergola rates start from AED 2,000 based on size, design aspects and choice of materials.

Door Material


Cost per sq.m



AED 750



AED 800



AED 1450



Factors Impacting Pricing of Pergola

The final aluminium pergola cost depends on:

  • Total square footage
  • Types – Retractable, fixed roof, freestanding
  • Customizations sought
  • Pergola height
  • Aluminium thickness and grade
  • Accessories like lighting/motorization

Budget-Friendly Pergola Options

We can work within budget limitations without compromising on structural quality. Our design consultants engineer value-engineered solutions using aluminium tube roof frameworks with fabric roofing as very cost-effective pergola shading. Pre-designed templates allow savings as well.

With flexibility in pricing and payment plans, Babar Dawood makes feature-rich aluminium pergolas accessible enhancing any exterior at reasonable capital outlay translating into full outdoor living ROI.

Why Babar Dawood Reigns Supreme for Aluminium Pergolas in Dubai

With the harshest of weather testing materials daily, quality aluminium pergolas capable of reliably keeping establishments protected in the UAE year after year for minimum investment deserve in-depth evaluation before installing extensively.

Our aluminium pergolas resist rust, corrosion and heat warping thanks to precision aluminium powder coating paired with resilient polycarbonate/acrylic/sandwich panel sheets. Aluminium lasts over 4 times longer than wood options.

We fabricate each pergola matching client preferences including retractable, fixed and freestanding types with programmable louvers, lighting and layouts tailored to the surroundings.

By expanding guest seating or enhancing ambiance, aluminium pergolas allow establishments increased revenue opportunities through positive reviews and publicity.

Our all-weather aluminium pergolas negate high maintenance associated with less durable materials. Only occasional cleaning suffices for decades thanks to resilient fabrication without painting or repairs.

With deep expertise catering to the UAE’s residential and commercial aluminium pergola needs for over 15 years, Babar Dawood combines robust constructions with elite consultative services for lifelong experiences under all circumstances.

Ideal Locations for Setting Up Aluminium Pergolas in Dubai

For over 15 years, we have designed and built durable outdoor aluminium pergola covers for shading posh Dubai villa gardens, patios and backyard seating areas.

Prestigious hospitality venues like Atlantis, Fairmont and Sofitel install our architectural pergolas in aluminum with heat protection coatings for pool decks, rooftop lounge spaces etc.

Advanced multinationals  choose sleek metal pergolas from us with solar integrated tops for employee outdoor recreation zones adjoining office landscape gardens.

Our lightweight aluminium pergola constructions are preferred for sprawling municipal parks, zoo grounds and palace courtyard space covers requiring minimal foundation support.

Why Babar Dawood is the Premier Aluminium Pergola Specialist in Dubai

Drawing from three decades of hands-on large-scale aluminium fabrication expertise, Babar Dawood brings an unparalleled wealth of experience catering to architectural firms, villa communities, retail chains and hospitality groups with aluminium pergolas of impeccable structural quality.

Right from responsive consultation to seamless project execution, we invest deeply in maintaining rigor across hand-picked talent pool of designers, certified structural engineers, technically skilled welders and experienced installers furthered by ongoing education partnerships with global licensing boards to actualize world-class creations symbolic of our vision.

By marrying technical problem-solving skills with a sharp design acumen and adoption of breakthrough technology applications like 3D renderings and CNC precise manufacturing, Babar Dawood aims to stretch possibilities while exceeding reliability benchmarks across our extensive aluminium pergola portfolio.

Our steadfast dedication, drive towards improvement and customer-centric business ethos position Babar Dawood as the go-to partner for aluminium pergola requirements from discerning developers in the UAE seeking true value led by creative engineering.

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