Custom Glass Partitions in Dubai - Frameless Room Dividers & Walls

Crystal clear acoustic & soundproof room dividers for homes & offices

An elegant way to enhance aesthetics, adjust room layouts, and improve lighting, visibility, soundproofing & energy savings. Expert glass artisans fabricate custom partitions made of durable yet beautiful glass.

Tailor-Made Office Glass Partitions in Dubai and Nearby Emirates

Glass partitions are see-through dividers used to divide rooms without blocking natural light. Our Dubai company offers custom glass partitioning to homes and offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. We install frameless glass walls with doors that slide or swing open smoothly. Glass partitions have great benefits compared to drywall or brick partitions. They save interior space, allow light to spread, look ultra modern, are easy to clean, enhance visibility and even reduce noise.

Our talented team provides end-to-end services from design consultations to precision fitting. We use durable laminated or acoustic glass to fabricate crystal clear partitions. With customization options like frosting, etching and tinting, we create stunning glass office partitions, glass wall room dividers, glass railings, glass blocks, shower enclosures and much more. Our skilled technicians carefully install frameless glass partitions on-site with minimal disruption to your property.

Range of Glass Partition Solutions we offers in Dubai

Our skilled glass partitioning teams in the UAE fabricate and fit various types of crystal clear dividers to meet unique needs.

Our expert teams specialize in frameless glass partitions utilizing top-grade materials for durability. We use adjustable hidden mounts to craft an uninterrupted contemporary aesthetic. Doors slide or swing smoothly open when needed.

For more traditional aesthetics, we offer glass partitions with aluminum, stainless steel or timber frames in various finishes. Semi-frameless have top & bottom rails only.

We fabricate office glass partitions to foster productivity with customized soundproofing and crystal clear visibility. Premium materials like acoustic laminated glass maintain attractive lighting and privacy.

Our skilled craftsmen can fabricate tall glass partition walls adhering to unconventional angles or layouts if needed. The aesthetic quality and luminous clarity fosters an ambience of spatial fluidity.

Unlike regular room dividers that obstruct light, our glass kitchen partitions improve lighting ambience. With smart placement and customization like etching, a brighter and more open atmosphere emerges without losing functionality.

Using specialized glass material knowledge, we create minimalist home partition walls. These crystal wall dividers distribute natural lighting between rooms without confinement, opening up floor plans.

Our Glass Partition Services in The UAE

Backed by decades of combined expertise, we offer specialized, customizable glass partition services across the UAE using premium-grade materials.

Our Dubai workshop manufactures an array of glass partition solutions with durable clarity. Customized etching, curves, etc. During precise professional installation, we minimize disruptions using best practices. Post-installation maintenance checks provided.

Are your current office or home glass partitions looking tired or dated? Our redesign/renovation services give dividers a fresh crystal clear, stylish appearance tailored to evolving spatial needs. We can also install additional glass partitions to optimize changing floor plans.

To ensure your sleek glass partitions retain visual clarity and functionality over decades, we offer specialized maintenance. Our fast after-sales repairs restore damaged, scratched or loose dividers to mint condition, avoiding replacements.

If glass dividers are beyond repair or poorly installed initially, our express replacement services provide new customized partitions. During quick and neat dismantling of old partitions, we keep operational impact minimal.

Reasonable Glass Partition Cost in Dubai & The UAE

Installing stunning glass office partitions or home dividers in Dubai need not break the bank. Pricing is dependent on size, design complexity, accessibility and customization. As a ballpark average, our clients spend AED 800-1000 per sq meter for new glass partition installation.

Door Material


Cost per sq.m



AED 340






AED 1700



Factors Affecting Glass Partition Cost

Type of framing (frameless is costlier), glass variant like acoustic or bulletproof, intricacy of curved walls or etching, accessibility hurdles, manhours needed are key determinants. We offer honest quotes tailored to unique requirements.

Budget-Friendly Glass Partition Options

  • Frameless vs Framed Partitions: Adding even minimal top/bottom frames saves considerably over fully frameless
  • Stock Designs: We have several pre-set dimensions and styles that cost 20-30% lesser than custom jobs
  • Limited Etching/Frosting: Using minimal patterns or frosted sections curtails expense significantly over all-over designs
  • Acrylic, Colored or Tinted Glass: Much more budget-friendly than clear glass that requires pure immaculate quality

Let us know your budget constraints and our consultants can suggest partitioning options balancing aesthetics and affordability.

Advantages of Installing Glass Partitions in Dubai Homes & Workplaces

Glass partitions provide UAE homes and companies key enrichments beyond just aesthetically sectioning areas off. Some top reasons over 35,000 clients prefer our Dubai glass partitioning services:

With striking frameless, frosted, or curved designs crafted using premium-grade materials, our customizable partitions suit any contemporary or classical decor scheme imaginably. We stay abreast of the latest global interior trends.

Our gifted artisans possess decades of combined experience fabricating durable, crystal clear glass dividers made to measure. Meticulous attention to detail ensures completely smooth functionality for years with negligible maintenance

Glass partitions enable better spread of natural luminosity across rooms without glare as compared to solid dividers. The transparency retains views without confinement as an open plan.

With specialized acoustic glass variants, our dividers allow meetings or calls sans noise interference by blocking disruptive sounds. Ideal for offices, studios or homes near traffic.

Places Where Our Glass Partitions Are Utilized Across the UAE

With over 5,000 frameless glass office partitions installed across top Dubai business centers, our expertise lies in crafting customized partitions with acoustic privacy and unrestrained lightning dispersal.

For over 30 years, our gifted glass artisans have fabricated clear retail divider walls, elevator/stairwell partitions and luminous food court glass blocks within bustling UAE malls and towers.

Our made-to-measure café and restaurant glass dividers furnished in premier Jumeirah Group and Emaar hospitality venues permit unhampered visibility even between lively spaces.

Tempered sliding glass storefront partitions etched with your brand’s logo and crystal-clear dressing room dividers are our specialty. With anti-fog and long lasting luster treatments, maintaining flawless visibility for years is hassle-free.

Why Our Glass Partitioning is the Top Choice Across the UAE

With over 20,000 successful jobs completed across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, we are the go-to experts for flawless glass partitioning installations and servicing tailored to your needs.

Our specially trained teams leverage extensive material knowledge and the latest internationally approved techniques to craft crystal clear durable dividers and walls on budget and on schedule. Precision project management ensures minimal disruption.

All our custom glass fabrication and fitting services come with extended multi-year assurance policies plus maintenance/repair options to safeguard your investment. We take pride in our unblemished safety track record during over 25 years serving prestigious developers like Emaar, Damac as well as citizens across the UAE.

Our Gulf Glass Partitioning advantages make us the first choice when discerning clients desire expert service for building luxury contemporary living and work ecosystems seamlessly blending form and functionality via luminosity.



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