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We are the leading experts for aluminum window supply and installation in Dubai. With our extensive experience and commitment to high standards, we ensure your new aluminum windows are expertly installed and built to last.

Maximize Comfort & Style with Custom Aluminium Windows from UAE's Top Supplier

Quality windows and doors are essential for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah homes to stay comfortable despite the extreme climate. Our family-owned company has over 13 years experience as trusted aluminium window suppliers in the UAE, installing thousands of windows and doors across Dubai. We understand the unique needs of this region.

Our aluminium products provide thermal efficiency to reduce indoor heat and AC usage. Multi-chambered frames also reduce outdoor noise for peaceful interiors. Security features like reinforced frames and high-end locks keep your family safe. We offer modern, classic, and contemporary aluminium window and door designs to elevate your home’s style.

For new constructions, we recommend energy efficient solutions like double glazing and Low-E coatings to reduce future energy costs. We also provide repairs and maintenance of existing aluminium windows and doors to improve performance and longevity. Our experienced technicians ensure every product is installed to highest quality standards.

Contact our team today to learn more about our durable and stylish aluminium window and door selection for your next project. We provide security, efficiency, noise reduction and contemporary style.

Wide Range of Aluminium Window Types for UAE Homes

Our expert aluminium window installers offer every style to suit your home and climate needs. We fabricate and install high-quality aluminium windows in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE.

For contemporary designs, sliding aluminium windows are a sleek choice. Horizontal sliding panels allow you to open up spaces to your balcony or garden. Large sliding panels create seamless indoor-outdoor access and maximize natural light. Our thermally broken sliding aluminium windows reduce heat transfer.

Casement windows are ideal for allowing fresh breeze into your home. Our expertly fabricated casements feature side hinges so the window sash opens outward. We create secure multi-point locking casement windows in custom sizes with a quick turnaround time. Casements offer full ventilation.

Our aluminium bifold windows are perfect when you want to completely open up an area. Multiple sash segments fold accordion-style to expand your living space. Completely open bifold windows bring outdoor ambiance inside. Available in many custom configurations.

Our awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward to allow fresh-air ventilation while protecting interiors from rain and harsh sunlight. We construct durable awning windows with secure multi-point locks to keep them tightly sealed when closed.

Tilt and turn aluminium windows offer flexible ventilation. With multi-point hardware, the sash can tilt in at the top for ventilation or swing inward for easy cleaning. Tight seals maintain energy efficiency when closed. We expertly install tilt-turn windows.

From modern sliding to French or bifold, trust our experienced team to deliver exceptional aluminium windows for your home. We use waterproofing, low-E glass, and other features to create windows that stand up to UAE conditions. Contact us for a free consultation.

Complete range of Aluminium Window Services In UAE

Our dedicated team provides a full range of aluminium window services to homeowners in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE. We are your one-stop provider for all your window needs.

We manufacture and supply an extensive selection of durable, energy efficient aluminium windows designed to withstand tough UAE conditions while elevating your home’s style. Choose from various styles like sliding, casement, awning, and more.

Our experienced technicians ensure precise window installations for flawless operation and long-term durability. We take care to properly waterproof and insulate each window to the highest standards to keep your home comfortable.

We assist with full aluminium window replacement projects, removing old windows and installing new, upgraded aluminium windows to improve energy efficiency and comfort.

Over time, hardware and seals wear out. Our qualified team provides aluminium window repairs and ongoing maintenance to improve performance, fix issues, and prolong the life of your existing windows.

Rely on us for new aluminium window supply, skilled installation, window replacement, repairs and maintenance. Our expertise delivers lasting quality and ensures your windows perform impeccably for decades to come. Contact us to upgrade your home with superior aluminium windows.

Competitive Aluminium Window Prices in Dubai & Across UAE

As leading installers of aluminium windows, doors, facades and claddings in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE, we offer fair and budget-friendly pricing for every residential or commercial project without sacrificing quality craftsmanship or durability.

Door Material


Cost per sq.m



AED 680



AED 650



AED 750





Factors Impacting Aluminium Windows Costs in Dubai

The main factors affecting aluminium window, door, facade and cladding prices include size, design complexity, features, and installation challenges. We consider these factors but still aim to provide competitive rates. Our expert team works to keep your project affordable.

Cost Saving Aluminium windows in UAE

To create cost-effective aluminium windows, doors, claddings and facades, we recommend:

  • Using standard product sizes
  • Choosing simple, functional styles
  • Opting for single pane glass when appropriate
  • Utilizing basic hardware and finishes
  • Grouping multiple units together when feasible

Even our budget-friendly aluminium product options maintain the quality, performance and longevity you expect.

Contact us for fair, honest aluminium pricing tailored to your budget. Our expertise ensures you get exceptional value.

The Benefits of Installing Aluminium Windows in Your Dubai Home

Aluminium Windows offer many advantages that make them a top choice for homes and businesses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE.

Our aluminium windows are extraordinarily durable, built to last for decades despite Dubai’s harsh desert climate. Aluminium resists corrosion, scratches, warping and damage far better than wood or other materials. You’ll never need to repaint or replace rotting windows again.

Aluminium is an excellent insulator, keeping homes significantly cooler and reducing energy costs. Multi-chambered framing and tinted/Low-E glass gives aluminium windows excellent thermal performance. Keep interiors comfortable and utility bills in check with our energy efficient aluminium windows.

Aluminium windows feature reinforced frames and high-quality locking mechanisms for impeccable security. Laminated and impact-resistant glass options protect against forced entry and severe weather. Our windows guard your home and belongings.

Aluminium windows offer contemporary aesthetics and limitless design flexibility. Choose from minimalist to ornate styles to enhance your home’s architecture and ambiance.

Aluminium never needs repainting or staining and won’t rot or warp. Our durable, long-lasting windows retain their like-new look for decades.

Let our aluminium window specialists show you all the benefits for your Dubai property. Contact us today!

Places Where Our Aluminium Windows Are Used

For over 25 years, we have fabricated noise-reducing aluminium windows for thousands of villas, flats and communities across Dubai known for our smooth opening designs.

Top developers like Emaar and Nakheel install our commercial-grade aluminium windows in their new modern towers and commercial projects, customized for any shape and fitting.

Our specially designed soundproof aluminium windows are often preferred by big hotel chains and popular malls to lower outside noise pollution so guests and shoppers enjoy the ambiance.

We manufacture sturdy and easy-to-clean antibacterial aluminium windows for hospitals, clinics and schools with child safety mechanisms as mandated.

Why Choose Babar Dawood for Your Shower Enclosure?

When it comes to aluminium window and door installation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE, savvy homeowners, builders and architects choose our team for our expertise, professionalism and commitment to excellence. For over 15 years, we have fabricated and installed thousands of high-performance aluminium windows and doors across the region.

Our experienced technicians take great pride in their work and undergo regular training to stay atop the latest trends and techniques. We are known for being punctual, diligent, and respectful in every home and worksite. Our clean, orderly approach earns rave reviews.

Every aluminium window and door we supply is crafted to the highest quality standards using durable materials built to handle the region’s harsh climate. We stand behind our products with industry-leading warranties. Our focus is providing exceptional service, maximizing value, and ensuring total customer satisfaction.

For your next aluminium window or door installation project, choose the team with an impeccable reputation – choose us. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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