Shower Glass Partitions in Dubai

Stunning frameless Shower Glass & room dividers installed by experts.

We specialize in bespoke shower enclosures handcrafted from the finest frameless glass. Our expert team provides end-to-end services including 3D design, specialized fabrication, and professional installation of luxurious glass partitions.

Elegant and Functional Shower Glass Partitions in Dubai and Nearby

A frameless glass shower partition adds contemporary elegance while separating wet and dry areas in your bathroom. At Babar Dawood, we are experts in designing, fabricating, and installing custom shower enclosures made from high-quality tempered safety glass.

Our skillful team provides end-to-end services including 3D consultation to design the optimal layout. We consider factors like existing plumbing, cabinetry, lighting, and accessibility needs to create the perfect frameless or semi-frameless partition for your space. For a luxurious look, we recommend frameless glass with minimalist hardware. We also offer framed enclosures using full aluminum profiles for a more affordable option. The glass can be customized with patterns, texturing, or tinting.

From walk-in showers to neo-angle enclosures, small baths to master suites, we fabricate and install stunning shower partitions across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and surrounding areas. We handle everything including removal of existing fixtures, waterproofing, tile work, accessories, and ongoing maintenance. Our specialized enclosure fabrication combined with expert installation provides an elegant focal point your family and guests will admire. Contact Babar Dawood today to transform your bathroom with a contemporary new glass shower partition.

Glass Shower Partition Types and Customizations in Dubai

Our shower glass installation experts offer various partition types to perfectly suit your bathroom’s size, layout, and style:

Frameless partitions feature glass panels bonded with sleek silicone joints for a contemporary, minimalist look. The glass meets cleanly without metal frames along the edges. We use 8-12mm thick tempered safety glass.

These enclosures have discreet hinges, handles, and supports between the glass panels. Silicone joints give a partly frameless aesthetic. Semi-frameless combines elegance with affordability.

Framed partitions feature full aluminum profiles between the glass panels for a traditional style. This cost-effective option comes in various colors like silver, gold, or bronze.

We design custom shower enclosures to surround your bathtub. Get the look of an expansive walk-in shower while keeping your soaking tub.

Frameless glass is perfect for large, luxurious walk-in showers. We can customize the size, shape, and layout to your space. Walk-ins create a spa-like environment.

We offer swinging and sliding glass doors for bathtub and walk-in showers. Both options provide easy access. Sliding doors save more space while swing doors have a classic style.

Our glass can also be customized with tinting, texturing, patterns, and etchings. Contact us today for a free consultation on finding your perfect shower partition style!


Complete Shower Enclosure Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah

At Babar Dawood, we are a one-stop provider of elite shower glass partition services including:

Our process begins with an in-home design consultation to understand your vision and take precise measurements. We create 3D plans to visualize the completed project.

We use 8-12mm thick tempered safety glass and premium hardware to fabricate your fully custom shower enclosure to the highest quality standards. Our modern workshop employs specialized glass cutting and machining tools.

Our skilled technicians neatly install or replace your shower partition using best practices for waterproofing and sealing. We handle tile work, plumbing, and electrical as needed.

We can remove your old shower enclosure and dispose of materials responsibly before installing the new custom partition.

We offer continued maintenance and repair including glass sealing, hinge tightening, handle replacement, and squeegee cleaning to keep your partition looking immaculate.

We can provide and install related accessories like shelving, mirrors, benches, and grab bars to complete your shower space.

As a premier shower glass supplier and installer, our end-to-end services ensure your new frameless, semi-frameless, or framed shower partition will provide luxury and functionality for years to come. Contact Babar Dawood in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah to get started transforming your bathroom!


Reasonable Shower Glass Partition Pricing in Dubai & UAE

The total cost of your custom shower enclosure depends on several factors. Our experts will provide an exact quote tailored to your project.

Door Material


Cost per sq.m



AED 1200



AED 1950



AED 2300



What Impacts the Cost of Shower Glass Partitions in Dubai?

The main drivers of cost include:

  • Enclosure type – frameless, semi-frameless, or framed
  • Size, shape, number of panels
  • Glass thickness and features like tinting
  • Hardware selection – hinges, handles, rollers
  • Accessories like shelves, seats, mirrors
  • Removal and disposal of existing enclosure

Customizations That Increase Cost

Elements like textured or tinted glass, neo-angle shapes, and accessories add cost. Complex installations with tile work or electrical adjustments also increase pricing.

At Babar Dawood, our shower experts will design an enclosure within your budget. Contact us today for a personalized quote!


Benefits of Installing a Shower Glass Partition in Dubai & Surroundings

A high-quality frameless, semi-frameless, or framed shower glass partition offers many advantages:

Glass enclosures create a sleek, minimalist, modern aesthetic. They provide an open, airy look compared to shower curtains or basic tiles.

The enclosure contains moisture and limits mold and bacteria growth. This enhances comfort and cleanliness in the bathroom.

Clear glass allows natural light to filter into the shower area, making it feel more expansive. This also reduces humidity.

Glass resists soap scum, minerals, and grime. Just a squeegee after showering keeps the partition looking sparkling clean.

Our tempered glass resists chips, cracks, scratches, and corrosion. With proper care, your partition will maintain its flawless look for decades.

A frameless glass shower partition provides a luxurious focal point and makes your bathroom both functional and beautiful. It can increase your home’s value.

At Babar Dawood, we help realize all the benefits of a custom shower glass partition. Contact us to transform your bathroom!


Places Where Shower Glass Enhances Bathrooms in UAE

Homeowners can install our frameless shower glass doors and walls in bathrooms to create a private spa oasis. Our glass is specially treated for durability and easy cleaning. Frosted and textured glass options add stylish privacy.

We install premium shower glass in luxury hotels to impress guests with upscale bathing spaces. Our sliding doors maximize compact layouts. Rainfall showerheads and illuminated handles provide elegant touches.

Our company integrates custom-cut glass into spa showers and wet rooms to continue peaceful designs. Skylights and frameless glass enable natural light for an airy ambience. Our textured glass diffuses light beautifully while maintaining privacy.

Our barrier-free glass showers are perfect for public pools and resort locker rooms. Our glass resists chemicals and heavy use from patrons. Open designs complement leisure settings.

Why Choose Babar Dawood for Your Shower Enclosure in UAE?

When selecting a shower glass partition installer, choose an experienced company you can trust. Babar Dawood has over 15 years expertise designing, fabricating, and fitting high-end enclosures. Our satisfied customers recommend us for quality and service.

Our professional in-house team handles your entire project. We consult on design, measure meticulously, fabricate customized partitions, and install with care and precision. Our modern workshop uses specialized tools to cut, shape, polish, and temper glass to the highest standards.

We use only premier brands  for hardware and accessories. Our experienced technicians are highly trained in best practices for waterproofing, sealing, leveling, and siliconing your new enclosure. At Babar Dawood, we take pride in the quality of our work and materials. Our goal is a stunning, luxurious new shower space you’ll enjoy for decades. We offer ongoing maintenance to keep your partition looking flawless.

For an elegant and expertly crafted glass shower enclosure that transforms your bathroom, choose Babar Dawood. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation!

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