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Professional Glass Railings Solutions For Stairs, Balconies, Decks

Babar Dawood creates inspired glass railing systems in Dubai. For over 13 years, our team of experts has delivered stunning residential and commercial glass balustrades across the UAE. We fabricate frameless and framed railing designs that seamlessly blend safety, elegance and contemporary style. Contact us today.

Glass Railings That Perfectly Compliment Your Property in Dubai

Glass is gaining popularity as a material for railings and fences in modern homes and buildings. We at Babar Dawood offer custom glass balcony railings, glass stair railings, glass deck railings, glass partition fences and more in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

Our team of skilled professionals can design and install frameless or framed glass railing systems around stairs, balconies, and decks as per your needs. We also create glass balcony panels, glass partition walls, glass balcony balustrades, glass patio railings and glass pool fences for indoor and outdoor spaces.

With our advanced machinery, we manufacture toughened glass railing and fencing solutions that comply with UAE building standards while elevating aesthetics through sleek designs. We handle small residential projects as well as large commercial glass facade projects.

With 15 years of experience delivering glass railing and fencing solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and nearby areas, you can trust Babar Dawood for the highest quality products and services customized to your needs and budget. Get in touch for a free consultation today!

Glass Railing Systems We Expertly Fabricate and Install in Dubai

We offer a vast range of indoor and outdoor glass railing solutions across residential and commercial spaces in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other parts of UAE.

We create minimalist glass balcony/deck railings without metal frames. Our frameless designs use structural glass anchors and thin vertical supports for clean aesthetic. We customize 10-12mm thick tempered glass panels up to 3000mm height offering maximum transparency and safety.

For extra durability on high-rise balconies, we offer sturdy glass balcony railings with powder coated aluminum frame within which panels are fixed. This allows larger spans using 8-10mm glass. Custom angled shapes also possible.

Our modular Tempered glass balcony panels offer a economical solution to extend existing balconies seamlessly. Custom sized IGU panels are made of 8mm thick safety glass. Very effective for enclosing balcony spaces.

We design ultra-transparent deck enclosures and pool surrounds using frameless glass panels up to 5 meters span and 3000mm height. Our deck railings use minimalist stainless steel standoff fittings secured into deck itself without visible anchors. We customize shapes for perfect fit.

Our bespoke glass stair panels and railing systems ensure safe access across internal/external stairs. Made of 10mm thick toughened glass panels secured through discrete stainless steel brackets to handle heavy-duty usage. Perfectly matched with landing railings.

Our highly-trained team of glass railing installers bring decades of combined experience installing bespoke systems across the UAE. With extensive technical know-how and practical skills, we ensure precise fittings, secure mounts, seamless transparency and full compliance to building standards for quality, safety and efficiency.

Complete Glass Railing Solutions in Dubai and Nearby Areas

Babar Dawood offers end-to-end glass railing services across UAE with quality, safety and aesthetics as prime focus. With over 13 years of experience, we have capability across:

Our specialists assess site conditions, take measurements and provide best railing solutions considering options, budgets, feasibility and standards compliance.

We replace old railings with new frameless or framed glass systems without any structural modifications to upgrade aesthetics.
Our qualified technicians ensure quick, hassle-free fitting of bespoke glass railings designed for perfect customized fit. We use secure fixing mechanisms.

Over time, we properly service/repair glass railing assemblies including replacing damaged glass panels, re-grouting joints and re-tightening mounting brackets.

Based on site measurements, our experienced team fabricates tailored glass railings using CNC machining, glass tempering and essential metalwork. We also supply market-leading European railing hardware.

With health and safety paramount, we do stringently inspect completed railing installations on stability, load bearing capacity, transparency and compliance to building norms before handover.

With decades of cumulative expertise delivering glass railing solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and nearby areas, we are a specialist supplier committed to high quality standards

Glass Railing Installation Cost in UAE

Custom glass railing pricing depends on several aspects like the type of glass panels, level of bespoke design complexity, number of anchoring points and overall coverage area. Additional expenses arise from value additions like lighting integration.

Door Material


Cost per sq.m



AED 950



Factors Impacting Glass Railing Costs in UAE

Primary drivers of glass railing installation costs are:

  • Type of design – Frameless, semi-frameless or framed
  • Glass used – 5mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm thickness
  • Panel size and angles – Rectangular or curved
  • Anchoring mechanisms – Floor-fixed or ceiling-mounted
  • Accessibility – Ease of transporting glass panels

Cost-Saving Recommendations for Dubai & its surroundings

Here are some ways we can optimize the glass railing solution as per your budget during design consultation:

  • Standard panel dimensions over customized sizes
  • Discrete frameless structures instead of metal frames
  • Minimalist mounts and hardware
  • Grouping adjacent areas

Advantages of Installing Glass Railings in Your Dubai Property

Glass is fast emerging as the premier railing material for modern homes and commercial establishments due to its numerous advantages. Some key benefits are:

Glass railings maximize visibility and don’t block light. This creates an open, airy feel and allows you to better enjoy scenic outdoor views. The transparency makes spaces seem larger.

Frameless or semi-frameless glass railings have a sleek, modern look. They are a top choice for contemporary, minimalist home design and architecture. The clarity showcases your décor.

Our tempered safety glass railings are extremely durable for high traffic areas. They resist scratches, chips, cracks, heat, and corrosion far better than wood or iron. Proper installation ensures stability.

Glass just needs occasional cleaning to keep its flawless shine. It won’t warp, peel, rust, or need repainting like metal railings. The smooth surface deters grime buildup.

Tempered glass balustrades are engineered to be 4-5 times stronger than annealed glass. Our experienced technicians properly install railings to code for safety and longevity.

Let Babar Dawood enhance your home with beautiful frameless or semi-frameless glass railings fabricated and installed to the highest standard. Contact us today!

Locations Where our Glass Railings Enhance Spaces in UAE

Glass railings provide unobstructed views on home balconies and decks without sacrificing safety. Frameless glass gives a modern, seamless look. Glass is durable to withstand weather. Clear railings don’t block light. Easy to clean glass simplifies maintenance.

Offices install glass railings on outdoor terraces and rooftop gardens for secure barriers without blocking views or natural light. Minimalist glass matches contemporary architecture. Code-compliant railings meet safety needs. Neutral glass suits diverse office design themes.

Luxury hotels utilize glass railings to enable uninterrupted vistas from balconies, rooftops, and elevated pools without skimping on security. Frameless glass maximizes outdoor space. Tempered safety glass prevents climbing. Sleek railings complement upscale resort aesthetics.

Malls install laminated glass railings along open-air promenades and rooftop dining patios to safely guide visitors without obscuring storefront views or natural lighting. Minimal railings maintain visibility for retailers. Glass resists heavy public use.

Why Homeowners and Architects Prefer Babar Dawood for Glass Railing in UAE

When it comes to bespoke glass railing work in Dubai and surrounding areas, Babar Dawood stands out as a trusted choice backed by 15+ years of experience.

Our in-house team brings decades of cumulative expertise across customized design, efficient fabrication using cutting-edge machinery and flawless installation techniques for long-lasting safety. We use high-clarity German glass to ensure maximum transparency.

With us, you get complete peace of mind – skilled specialists assess your site, recommend compliant solutions tailored to your needs, handle end-to-end project execution and provide ongoing maintenance support. All this at affordable pricing without quality compromises.

We take great pride in delivering stunning glass railing projects from small residential staircases to iconic commercial facade systems safely and reliably. Our work portfolio stands testament to client trust earned over years through consistent customer delight.

With unparalleled know-how, a systematic approach and a reputation for excellence, choose Babar Dawood as your go-to glass railing partner today!



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