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As Dubai’s premier fabricator and installer of aluminium doors, Babar Dawood creates stunning bespoke doors for residential and commercial spaces across the emirate. For over 14 years, we have manufactured, supplied and installed aluminium doors noted for their sophistication, strength and durability.
Get in touch with the leading aluminium door manufacturer and supplier in Dubai for advice and quotes on your next project, renovation or repair.

Customizable, Durable & Custom-Made Aluminum Doors for All Dubai Needs

As the leading fabricator and installer of aluminium doors in Dubai, Babar Dawood brings over 14 years of expertise serving clients across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the UAE. We specialize in creating bespoke aluminium doors that perfectly matches your architectural specifications, style preferences and functionality requirements.

Our state-of-the-art fabrication facility allows us to offer aluminium sliding doors, aluminium bifold doors, aluminium framed glass doors, aluminium front entrance doors, durable internal office doors and much more – all cut, welded and powder coated in house. We expertly fabricate doors for spaces big and small – from grand front entrances and garages to bathrooms and room dividers.

In addition to manufacturing exceptional doors capable of lasting decades with minimal upkeep, we also provide industry-leading aluminium door repair, maintenance and upgrading services in Dubai. Our qualified technicians can service stuck hinges, misaligned aluminium and glass doors, damaged outdoor aluminium door surfaces and handles/locks. We also replace old low-grade aluminium doors with modern, thermally efficient doors fabricated by our aluminium door manufacturers right here in Dubai.

As a one-stop aluminium door company in Dubai, Babar Dawood handles your project from design to measurement to flawless installation at your door-step. Bring your vision to life with made-to-order aluminium doors designed to impress for years!

Different type of aluminium door designs we offer in dubai

Babar Dawood provides homeowners and properties across Dubai with aluminium doors available in diverse styles:

These basic inline aluminium doors use sturdy hinges allowing them to swing open and shut. Hinged doors work excellently for room dividers and low-traffic areas.

 For spaces short on footprint area, sliding aluminium doors move along ceiling-mounted tracks either into walls or the door frames themselves. We offer floor-to-ceiling height sliding doors with optional glass.

Our accordion-style folding aluminium doors conserve space by bending at right angles outwards and sideways using small linked panels. An affordable and functional option.

We fabricate grand front entrance doors from aluminium with stylish modern designs, decorative glass and sturdy thermal break aluminium profiles ensuring outdoor heat stays outside.

Humid conditions demand waterproof doors which aluminium excels at. We install moisture-sealed aluminium bathroom doors with tempered glass maintaining privacy.

With powder coated, chrome and wood-grain aluminium finishes, Babar Dawood provides budget-friendly aluminium doors for interiors and exteriors with functionality aligning with UAE architectural needs and lifestyles.

Our Wide Range of Aluminium Door Services in Dubai & Nearby Areas

With decades of experience, Babar Dawood provides just about any aluminium door service you may need in Dubai including:

Our skilled technicians measure your doorway spaces precisely before our aluminium door manufacturers in Dubai custom-build doors to flawlessly fit those dimensions. We then professionally install your brand new durable doors.

Do you have a damaged aluminium framed glass door? Our specialists can replace cracked windowpanes, realign doors sitting unevenly in the frame, fix rubber seals and service stuck locks/broken handles. We’ll have your aluminium glass door looking brand new!

From minor fixes like tightening loose hinges or smoothing out small dents to major repairs like welding broken corners or replacing entire door panels, our service team handles it all. We want your aluminium doors functioning perfectly for decades.

While our high grade aluminium doors require very little upkeep, we recommend occasional servicing to ensure ideal trouble-free performance. Our technicians check seals, hardware, hinge alignment and security features during maintenance calls.

If your property in Dubai has aluminium doors requiring replacement, upgrades, fixes or general servicing, trust Babar Dawood for reliable, quality solutions. We provide free quotes and readily address any aluminium door issue – big or small! Contact us today.

Affordable Pricing for Premium Aluminium Doors in Dubai

Babar Dawood’s aluminium doors come at very economical pricing compared to wood or steel alternatives, all while providing superior durability. As leading aluminium door manufacturers and suppliers in Dubai, we can create exceptional doors suited to your budget constraints. We provide the supply and installation of all these doors in UAE.

Door Material


Cost per sq.m



AED 680



AED 850



AED 2500





Factors Impacting Aluminium Door Costs in UAE

Several variables affect the final pricing including:

Budget-Friendly Aluminium Door Solutions in Dubai & surroundings

Our skilled team leverages years of design and fabrication expertise to engineer high-quality yet affordable aluminium doors. Bulk orders for apartment units, hotels and commercial spaces garner pricing benefits through economies of scale.

Get in touch with Babar Dawood today to discover how aluminium door can enhance your property at reasonable rates!

Outstanding Benefits of Babar Dawood's Aluminium Doors in Dubai

Aluminum doors have many benefits over wood or uPVC. They are affordable, durable, weatherproof, soundproof, secure, easy to maintain and available in modern designs. Our skilled team precisely fabricates each door.

Our made-to-order aluminium doors offer great quality on a budget for homeowners, offices and facilities across Dubai an extensive range of helpful benefits:

Our aluminium doors are very reasonably priced compared to wood or steel options. We use lightweight aluminium to create incredibly durable doors without high material expenses. Our aluminium doors are very reasonably priced compared to wood or steel options. We use lightweight aluminium to create incredibly durable doors without high material expenses.

Aluminium doors fabricated by our skilled team resist Dubai’s heat, coastal moisture and dust storms exceptionally well. They do not warp, crack or allow outdoor elements inside.

Do you want to block outside noise? Our precision fitted aluminium doors effectively absorb sound thanks to tight rubber seals and robust frames. They allow peace & quiet.

Heavy-duty aluminium doors do not split or break easily when forcefully impacted, making them a great burglary deterrent. Additional locks can also be installed.

Due to resistant aluminium construction, our doors withstand decades of frequent use with little to no upkeep required compared to wood or painted steel doors.

We can fabricate aluminium doors in any style, size, color and configuration based on your exact space requirements thanks to advanced in-house machinery.

For superb quality custom aluminium doors in Dubai suited to any budget, Babar Dawood excels through experience, expertise and customer satisfaction.

Ideal Places for Installing Aluminium Doors in Dubai

For over 14 years we have made custom metal doors of desired sizes for villas and flats to keep families safe and block outside noise.

Big developers choose our long-lasting aluminium mall doors and office lobby doors that allow smooth crowd movement through entrances and corridors.

Top hotel groups and cafes use our lightweight aluminium kitchen and balcony doors to prevent sound from bothering guests and dining customers.

We make special germ-free aluminium doors with shatter-proof window panels for hospitals/clinics. For schools, our doors decrease outside distraction.

From intricately etched dividing doors allowing visibility between workstations to imposing metallic doorways for majestic building entryways, we offer it all with rapid installation.

Why Babar Dawood is Dubai's Top Choice for Aluminum Doors in Dubai?

With 14+ years of experience, we are the leading aluminum door provider in Dubai. We only use quality materials and advanced methods to manufacture innovative, high-performance doors that match our client’s vision. Our exceptional service and affordable prices make us the top choice.

Our skilled team masters technical craftsmanship allowing us to create personalized aluminium doors noted for long-term resilience, energy savings and low maintenance needs. We incorporate innovation into aesthetically pleasing designs offering homeowners, offices and facilities diverse modern styles with cutting edge functionality. By leveraging sustainable world-class materials paired with exceptional professional installation and aftercare, Babar Dawood delivers lasting value and satisfaction on every aluminium door project, repair or upgrade in Dubai. When longevity, performance and peace of mind matter most, discerning proprietors choose Babar Dawood as their reliable one-stop aluminium door solution provider.

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