Glass Room Design and Installation in Dubai

Custom glass room extensions by Babar Dawood - Dubai's Trusted Choice

Feeling stuck between the desire for fresh air and the comfort of your air-conditioned haven? Our team creates stunning glass room extensions and enclosures for Dubai homes and gardens. These contemporary additions seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces while flooding interiors with natural light. As leading glass room installers near Dubai and the UAE, we expertly handle your project from concept to completion.

Create Your Dream Oasis with a Babar Dawood Glass Room UAE!

Are you dreaming of expanding your living space and seamlessly connecting with the outdoors? Look no further than Babar Dawood, Dubai’s leading glass room construction company and supplier. We specialize in crafting stunning and functional greenhouse that transform your unused outdoor areas into beautiful and inviting extensions of your home.

 Our team of expert designers will work closely with you to understand your vision and create a bespoke glass room that perfectly complements your home or business. Safety is paramount, and our meticulously built glass rooms utilize top-quality, locally sourced materials that adhere to the highest Dubai standards. This ensures exceptional durability and resilience in the region’s climate, guaranteeing you a beautiful and long-lasting space for years to come.


Whether you’re looking to expand your villa’s backyard into a luxurious poolside retreat, create a unique dining experience for your restaurant patrons, or design a modern and light-filled office space, the possibilities with a Babar Dawood glass room are endless. Contact us today and let us help you transform your vision into a stunning and functional oasis.

7 Types of Glass Rooms we offer in Dubai

Our expert glass room installers can design and construct stunning glass rooms perfectly suited to your Dubai property. We offer various glass room types and layouts to match your vision.

Seamlessly extend your living space by enclosing an existing patio or building a new standalone glass structure. Glass extensions feel like part of the home while bringing outdoor ambiance inside. Skylights and large glass panels flood the space with natural light. Extensions can be used as conservatories, dining areas, lounges and more.

Transform your outdoor patio area into a functional glass room with weather protection. Retractable glass roofing and panels allow you to fully enclose or open your patio. Enjoy the open-air experience without being exposed to harsh sun, wind, rain, dust and bugs. Use your patio freely year-round.

Make the most of your outdoor gardens and landscaping with a glass room addition. The glass walls and roof fully surround you with views of your garden, creating a lush greenhouse environment indoors.

Construct a glass enclosed rooftop room to take full advantage of panoramic skyline and city views. With temperature control, rooftop glass rooms can be used year-round. It becomes an urban oasis overlooking Dubai’s striking towers and scenery.

Our aluminium-framed glass wall rooms highlight expansive views while providing structural integrity. Aluminium framing paired with floor-to-ceiling tempered glass walls creates minimalist elegance. Sections can open to seamlessly connect indoors and outdoors. We construct aluminium-framed glass rooms as extensions, patios, partitions and more. The metallic aluminium framing complements contemporary and modern architecture.

For excellent thermal performance, our sandwich panel roofing systems insulate glass rooms from heat and cold. The insulated composite roof panels contain a highly effective insulation material sandwiched between two sheets of metal or wood. This ensures comfortable interior temperatures and low energy costs. Sandwich panel roofing is lightweight yet very durable against weather. We install high-quality sandwich panel roofing on patios, extensions and other custom glass rooms.

For excellent thermal performance, our sandwich panel roofing systems insulate glass rooms from heat and cold. The insulated composite roof panels contain a highly effective insulation material sandwiched between two sheets of metal or wood. This ensures comfortable interior temperatures and low energy costs. Sandwich panel roofing is lightweight yet very durable against weather. We install high-quality sandwich panel roofing on patios, extensions and other custom glass rooms.

Let our Dubai glass room experts recommend the perfect design to suit your lifestyle and architectural vision. 

Range of Glass Room Services:

Our dedicated glass room team provides complete services for stunning residential and commercial projects across the UAE. 

Our experienced designers will create a custom glass room that perfectly complements your space and needs. We handle the entire manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

Our skilled team will handle the installation and construction seamlessly, minimizing disruption to your property. We adhere to strict safety standards and building codes for complete peace of mind.

Enjoy the long-lasting beauty of your glass room with our maintenance and repair services. We offer regular maintenance packages and address any repairs promptly and efficiently.

Enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your glass room with a stunning gypsum ceiling. We offer a variety of designs and finishes to complement your style.

Create a seamless transition from your home to your glass room with high-quality floor tiling solutions. We offer a wide range of options to match your existing flooring or create a unique look.

Trust our full-service team to bring your unique glass room vision to life! Get in touch with us today.

Benefits of Installing a Glass Room in Dubai

  • Increased Living Space: Add valuable square footage to your villa backyard, perfect for entertaining or creating a relaxing sunroom.
  • Enhanced Natural Light: Bathe your space in sunlight, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.
  • Improved Views: Enjoy panoramic views of your surroundings, whether it’s your landscaped backyard or a breathtaking cityscape.
  • Year-Round Comfort: Glass rooms can be climate-controlled, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors all year long.
  • Energy Efficiency: Modern glass rooms utilize double-paned glass and insulated ceilings for optimal thermal insulation, potentially reducing energy costs.

How much do Glass Room Costs in Dubai?

As leading glass room builders and installers, we provide fair pricing tailored to your unique project scope and budget. Quality craftsmanship doesn’t have to break the bank.

Door Material


Cost per sq.m



AED 680



AED 320



AED 150





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Cost Factors Affecting Your Glass Room:

  • Size and Complexity
  • Glass Type
  • Roofing Material
  • Doors and Windows
  • Additional Features: Heating, cooling, lighting, and automation features add to the cost.

Tips for Budget-Friendly Glass Rooms in Dubai:

  • Consider Off-Season Installation
  • Prioritize Needs over Wants
  • Choose the Right Size

Looking for Glass Rooms Near You?

Beyond Cost: A Look at Glass Room Styles

Glass rooms come in various styles to suit your taste and property:

  • Victorian
  • Modern
  • Mediterranean
  • Minimalist

Advanced Features:

  • Retractable Roof
  • Integrated Heating & Cooling
  • Smart Glass Technology
  • Automated Blinds & Shades
  • Double-Paned Glass
  • Insulated Ceiling
  • Solar-Powered Options

    Looking for Glass Rooms Near You? Contact Babar Dawood, your trusted glass room manufacturer and installer in Dubai!


What is a Glass Room?

A glass room is a permanent or semi-permanent extension to your building, constructed with walls and a roof primarily made of glass. They offer a seamless connection to the outdoors while providing year-round comfort and protection from the elements.

Ideal Applications for Glass Rooms:

  • Villa Backyards
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate Offices

Most Popular Glass Room Services: Garden Glass Room Service Experts

  • Outdoor Glass Room Dubai: Expand your living area and enjoy the outdoors year-round with a custom-designed coolhouse.
  • Glass Panels: We offer high-quality glass panels in various sizes and thicknesses to suit your specific needs.
  • Sun Room: Create a bright and inviting sunroom, bathed in natural light and perfect for enjoying the warmth of the Dubai sunshine.
  • Conservatory Room: Embrace a classic European feel with a beautiful conservatory room, ideal for showcasing plants or creating a unique entertaining space.
  • Glass Skylight: Introduce natural light and a sense of openness to any room with a stunning glass skylight.

Why Choose Babar Dawood for Your Glass Room Project?

Local Expertise: We have extensive experience designing and building glass rooms throughout Dubai and the UAE, ensuring your project complies with local regulations and building codes.

Unmatched Quality: We use only the finest materials and cutting-edge technology to create beautiful, durable, and energy-efficient materials.

Custom Design: Our team will work closely with you to understand your vision and create a bespoke conservatory that perfectly complements your home and lifestyle.

Comprehensive Services: From initial consultation to final installation and after-sales support, we take care of everything.

Competitive Prices: We offer a variety of options to fit your budget, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.



Servicing The UAE Area- At Your Home, Apartment or Office Location

Situated strategically in the southeast Arabian Peninsula along the Gulf coast, the United Arab Emirates features over 650km of sunny beaches and natural wetlands interspersed with coastal oasis cities. Encompassing flat, arid desert dotted with date palms inland and mangroves on the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, the UAE’s diverse terrain has enabled a history of trade across east-west routes spanning antiquity to emerging modernity.

Areas where we serve Glass Room in UAE

  • Dubai Marina
  • Business Bay
  • Deira
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Arabian Ranches
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Bur Dubai
  • Dubai Creek
  • Dubailand
  • Jebel Ali
  • Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • Al Barari
  • Emirates Hills
  • Jumeirah
  • Al Barsha
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Opera
  • Dubai Studio City
  • Mirdif
  • Al Fahidi Fort
  • Al Karama
  • Dubai Hills Estate
  • Jumeirah Zabeel Saray
  • Al Majaz
  • Al Khan
  • Kalba
  • Khor Fakkan
  • Al Jubail
  • Al khalidiyah
  • Al Noor Island
  • Al Qasimia
  • Al Taawun
  • Buhaira Corniche
  • Muwaileh
  • Sharjah Aquarium
  • Sharjah Archaeology Museum
  • Sharjah City
  • Al Batayih
  • Al-Gharb
  • Al Qasba
  • Arabian Wildlife Center
  • Dhaid
  • Dibba Al Hisn
  • Heart of Sharjah
  • Mleiha
  • Saadiyat Island
  • Al khalidiyah
  • Corniche
  • Khalifa City
  • Yas Island
  • Abu Dhabi Mall
  • Al Maryah Island
  • Al Raha
  • Al Reem Island
  • Al Karamah
  • Al Mushrif
  • Madinat Zayed
  • Al Ain
  • Al Bateen
  • Dalma
  • Al Bandar
  • Al Falah
  • Al Markhaniya
  • Al Reef
  • Mangrove National Park
  • Al Dhafrah Region
  • Municipality
  • Al Haffar
  • Al Maqam
  • Al Mina

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Whenever you are going to find the best glass room services in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi, make sure to consider us. We are here providing you a lot of benefits to choose us. You will get 100% satisfaction with our professional expertise in aluminium & glass contracting.

Our team of experts is here to help you with all your glass needs, from choosing the perfect style to professional installation. We even offer emergency repair services, so you’ll never be left stranded.

Get a free quote today and see how Babar Dawood can transform your space!

Frequently Asked Questions About Glass Room In UAE

Got a question about our pricing, quotes or services? Browse our FAQs below or contact us on +971524790625 or email at info@babaraluminum.com

Imagine this: a cool, comfortable garden room all year round! Double-paned glass, with a sealed air gap in between, acts like insulation. In Dubai’s heat, it keeps the cool in and the hot sun out, making it a delightful haven.

Solar panels can significantly reduce your energy needs, especially for lighting. However, depending on size and usage, full power might require additional electrical connection. Our experts can advise on the best solar solution for your dream place.

Absolutely! A well-designed glass room adds usable square footage, creates a stunning connection to your garden, and enhances the overall appeal of your property. It’s an investment that pays off!

Yes! Double-glazed glass and proper ventilation ensure year-round comfort. In Dubai, with a Glass Veranda. or a Terrace Cover, enjoy the sunshine in winter and a cool retreat during the summer.

Yes, Babar Dawood, use double-glazed (or double-paned) glass for superior insulation and noise reduction.

  • Conservatory
  • Sunroom/Solarium
  • Greenhouse
  • Atrium
  • Glass Pavilion/Gazebo
  • Orangerie

When selecting the perfect aluminum door design for your home, consider factors like energy durability, efficiency, functionality, security, and aesthetic appeal to complement your property’s style. Babar Dawood offers a wide range of modern, traditional, and custom-made aluminum door options to suit your preferences and needs.

Building regulations can vary, so it’s crucial to consult with experienced professionals. Babar Dawood has extensive experience navigating Dubai’s building codes and can ensure your rooftop project adheres to all safety and permitting requirements

Permits for smaller extensions in apartment buildings often require approval from your building management. Babar Dawood can guide you through the process and help you obtain the necessary permits for a stress-free experience.

Yes! Babar Dawood understands the value of making your dream glass room a reality. We offer flexible financing options to fit your budget and make this investment accessible.

Here are some key things to consider:
* Space and layout: Ensure your chosen location has enough space for the glass room and consider factors like sun direction and prevailing winds. * Building codes and permits: Verify any necessary permits required by local authorities in Dubai. * Ventilation and insulation: Discuss options for ventilation and insulation with your Glass and aluminium contractor in Dubai to ensure year-round comfort. * Budget: Determine your budget and discuss options with your contractor to find the perfect balance of features and cost.

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